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Our unit caters to doing all the procedures for economically disadvantaged patients who are covered by the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's scheme. This includes pacemaker implantation, simple and complex radiofrequency ablation. Patients who have their names printed on the current CM scheme card along with their ration card and Aadhar card qualify for utilizing this scheme. They need to get the documents validated at the G14 counter with originals and xerox copies before getting admitted. Once admitted in the general ward the procedure is done after the CM wing gives approval for the same.

For More information on the scheme visit -


Please register yourself online under the "Registration for CMC Vellore" Tab of the Swasthya Sathi website given by the Government of West Bengal. The link is given here. 


Once registered, please meet the doctor from our team for whom you have taken the appointment. He will evaluate you and based on the treatment required, give you an estimate for the procedure you may have to undergo. Please take the estimate and submit it at the Swasthya Sathi counter located on the ground floor of the OPD building. Once you get the approval, the procedure can be scheduled for you at the earliest possible date.

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