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How we got started

The Department of Cardiology, Christian Medical College, Vellore, since its inception in 1951 under Dr. Kamala Vythialingam, has played a pioneering role in the development of Cardiology in India. It was one of the first two institutions in the country to offer Cardiology as a specialty training in the year 1965. The students who trained in CMC went on to be leaders in various other parts of the country where they started training others.

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The Division of Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing at CMC Vellore has over the last 20 years made significant progress towards the advancement of science. The division has a strong academic program with a significant portion of time devoted to research. Blessed with God-given skill and good patient care the division has several firsts to its credit.



The academic activities include weekly journal and EP tracing rounds.  The diagnostic conundrums seen in the out patient and as inpatients are discussed with the trainees. There are periodic multidisciplinary team meetings held with Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Cardiac Genetics and Pulmonary medicine. There is a monthly EP case discussion with JIPMER  Pudhuchery done over the Telemedicine network. 

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Associated Departments

Towards delivering holistic care for our patients the Cardiac Electrophysiology Unit works closely with the other Cardiology teams and several other departments. Some of the teams with whom the EP unit works include: Cardiothoracic Department, Nuclear Medicine, Medical Genetics, Anatomy, BioEngineering and Physiology.

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