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The inpatient services for the Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing Unit are available round the clock. Patients are usually admitted after being seen as outpatients. Emergency admissions are made from the Casualty/Emergency department or Chest Pain Unit.


Since the majority of our procedures are elective, we prefer to admit to our patients for just a day. You can get admitted to the A3 ward in the morning, have the procedure done the same day, and get discharged the next day. Thus you get the best comfort with minimal hospital stay making it convenient for you.

general ward

The general ward for our unit is J ward. It is located adjacent to the Cardiac ICU. It is well equipped with Vital monitors and telemetry. It is manned by nurses trained in cardiac care. The nurses are trained in recording ECG for the patients at their bedside. The MINI Clinic is also located close by, making it easy for patients who have had pacemakers implanted, to have it checked and programmed.

Private Ward

The private ward for our unit is A3. It has shared rooms, single rooms, and executive rooms. All the rooms are airconditioned, have a telephone to receive incoming calls and television. The executive room has an anteroom with a refrigerator. It is well equipped with Vital monitors and telemetry. It is manned by nurses trained in cardiac care. The pacemaker and other implanted cardiac devices are interrogated at the bedside. The trained technicians do the patient's ECG at the bedside. Should inpatients require an ECHO it is performed in the ECHO suite in the A block ground floor.

Acute Cardiac care services

We have a 7-bed Coronary Care Unit [CCU] and a 7-bed Chest Pain Unit [CPU]. These 2 Units cater to all cardiac emergencies. Patients who have abnormal heart rhythms get immediate emergency care over here. The CCU and CPU are well equipped and staffed. Besides having syringe pumps, vital monitoring equipment, telemetry; they also cater to management of dialysis, temporary pacing, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation [ECMO], Intra arterial balloon pump, and other life-saving support procedures. All the beds here have provisions for ventilatory support and suction. Once patients are stabilized in the CCU or CPU they are shifted to the general or private wards for further less intensive care

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