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Department of Nuclear Medicine 

The Department of Nuclear Medicine specializes in the utilization of radioactive materials (radioisotopes) for diagnostic tests and treatments. Nuclear medicine imaging is a unique and non-invasive approach that provides valuable structural and functional information of organs. The majority of isotopes utilized in Clinical Nuclear Medicine are produced at BARC, Mumbai, with the remainder being imported. Radiopharmaceuticals, which are chemicals labeled with small amounts of isotopes, are used for both diagnosis and treatment purposes.

Radiopharmaceuticals are used for tests and therapy. They are injected into the patient's body or administered as a capsule. After a few minutes/hours/days, the patient is scanned with a Gamma camera or PET-CT scanner to produce detailed images of the body. The radiopharmaceuticals go directly to the organ or diseased tissue being treated in targeted molecular therapy. Safety methods are ensured during every procedure, and the principle of ALARA radiation exposure is followed.

Diagnostic Services in Nuclear Cardiology

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