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Post-Doctoral Fellowship In Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology

We are proud to offer a 1-year university-recognized fellowship program in Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology aimed at training Cardiologists with a passion for EP.

What we do

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Though EP services have been available in CMC since the 1970s this unit was formally started in 2009. A dedicated Cath-lab, separate device follow-up clinic with dedicated personnel managing device-related problems, specialized arrhythmia assessments, use of 3-D mapping technology, complex ablation procedures were systematically made available since then. Over 3000 radiofrequency ablation procedures have been performed since 2009 which includes complex cases requiring 3-D mapping. The Unit implants over 325 devices every year which includes about 20 CRT and 40 ICD devices. Currently, about 250 ablations are performed every year, 70 of which are complex and involved 3-D mapping technology.

Training Offered


The training will include supervised management of cardiac arrhythmia in the out-patient and in-patient services. This will include training in Cardiac Arrhythmia related consultations and Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device follow-up (programming of devices and trouble-shooting). The training is intended to be progressively incremental supervised ‘hands-on’. In your fellowship, you will achieve proficiency in arrhythmia ECG / CIED tracing interpretation that includes Holter besides learning to perform simple ablations, pacemaker, and ICD implantations. For those with a passion for EP, an optional second year may be considered to help them master CRT implants and complex ablations.


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During your fellowship, you will be expected to work on and publish 2 papers and present the same at a National-level conference while actively taking part in the departmental research activity. You will be expected to maintain a logbook of all the procedures performed/assisted during the course.



Your performance will be assessed by your supervisors every six months. You will be assessed for your patient-care, subject-knowledge, and hand-skills.  We will conduct an exit exam at the end of the course. Your fellowship degree will be awarded to you only on the completion of the course and securing 75% marks in the exit examination.

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